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Jerry M. Jewell ruined my basement in Westminster, CO. Jerry was hired to remove the drywall in two bedrooms, a hallway, and bathroom for the purpose of an inspection by the City of Westminster. Jerry's inferior work was so shoddy it's shameful. A licensed general contractor was hired to inspect Jerry's work and what follows is from his inspection report.

"Corners in every room were either not textured or textured inconsistently. There were areas in each room where the drywall itself was not flat and smooth and appeared to be fastened poorly. Seams were visible in the ceiling and walls of every room. Outlet covers, light switch covers, smoke detectors and light fixtures were left in place when the drywall texture was applied, covering them with over spray. Base and door trim also had over spray and drywall "mud" overlap. The window in bedroom #1 was not wrapped at the top with drywall creating a gap between the window and wall framing. The top of the closet opening in bedroom #2 had no drywall at all, and the texturing was not completed. Trim throughout the basement was installed poorly, either crooked or with very poor joints and corners. The texturing throughout the basement was inconsistent, blotchy, smeared, too heavy or missing. The entire job is an example of the worst drywall installation and texture I have ever seen."

Jerry M. Jewell's workmanship was so substandard that I had to hire another contractor to remove, reinstall, and refinish all of the drywall in the entire basement at a cost of over $12,000. I requested a refund of the money I paid Jerry M. Jewell but he filed bankruptcy to avoid this debt and the debt of 17 other clients that he ripped off. This man lacks skill and more importantly, he lacks character and integrity. You would be well advised to steer clear of him or his company, Jewell Custom Carpentry Inc.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #855732

Do not let Jerry Jewel anywhere near your home!!!His workmanship is ridicules.

He installed drywall over electrical outlets and couldn't figure out why it was bowed out. He does absolutely no prep work before covering everything with texture. The end result is base boards, door jams, outlet covers, light switch covers and fixtures all covered with texture. Once I saw how poorly he remodeled my bathroom I didn't want him anywhere near my house again.


Denver, Colorado, United States #702200

Jerry Jewell is a prescription drug abuser with a long long criminal record stay far away from him!

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #606450

I've been ripped off and threatened by this contractor as well unfortunately.So threatened that I'm posting anonymously.

Please steer clear of Jerry Jewell.He's a one man criminal operation.

to youknowitsme Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #662660

Check his arrest record. And yes it's lengthy.

to He's a crook Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #662662

My comment was not about youknowitsme

Denver, Colorado, United States #591901

Meharris did not hire JCC to do any drywall. He hired JCC to insure that the the basement complied with local code and would pass a final building inspection. This was completed and signed off on by the building department. JCC did not repair, paint or finish any existing drywall in the basement. This is an example of a bad consumer that is avoiding payment.

JCC has never filed a bankruptcy. This job was completed over three years ago, and payment was never received. His bad review is to avoid lawful payment.

Mike Harris is a convicted CHILD SEX OFFENDER. 1270 Ala Kapuna St. #206 Honolulu Hawaii, 96819. This conviction establishes that he is capable of criminal behavior, lying and concealing of facts. His word, opinion and character should always be questioned.

to You are a bad ***sumer #694643

Jerry jewell also spent over a decade in prison for several felonies including drug dealing felony assault. and several other terrible crimes against women and children. Please Run criminal background check on this felony before allowing him in your home!

to You are a bad ***sumer #999042

You are too pathetic for words.If this is JCC why wouldn't you post as JCC since you seem to be knowledgeable about this?

ANd stooping that low to post that about someone because of our behavior?

That reeks of desperation.One has nothing to do with the other, just your pathetic attempt at making someone else look bad because you were in the wrong.

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